The Da Vinci Code Print

If you've seen The Da Vinci Code, you'll recall that Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveau, at the end of the movie, summed up their experience and said their goodbyes outside an old stone castle in the Scottish countryside.  We have vacationed in that castle--twice.




Look familiar?  I took that photo when we stayed there with Jennifer & Duane in 2001. Having rented that castle and stayed in it twice, it was really cool to see it in the movie. Did you wonder where Roslyn Chapel and Roslyn Castle really are? They're in Roslin, just outside Edinburgh. We visited Roslyn Chapel, where Sophie is reunited with her grandmother, both times we were there, plus a third time in 2005. Click the thumbnail to see photos of the castle and the chapel from our trips there in 2001 and 2005.