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Washington, DC is one of the world's great cities.  I travel there frequently and am usually able to arrange time to take photographs.  I always stayed at the Hotel Washington, across the street from the Treasury Department; it was the NCBFAAhome-away-from-home.  Sadly, the hotel was purchased by a Dubai sheik and it closed on January 1, 2008 for a two-year remodeling.  It reopened as a "W" hotel but it will never be the same.  



If you're going to DC for the first time, I highly recommend that you stay somewhere near the Mall so it will be easy for you to get there.  There are many things worth seeing in the Mall that will take several days.  I also recommend buying passes on Tourmobile, because it's an easy way to get around without paying cab fares and you can get on and off at will at its many stops.  Be sure to check out the Smithsonian museums--several days worth of things to see--and check to see what special exhibits might be there during your trip.  Finally, you should also consider buying a pass on the Metro;  it's a good subway system that will get you to just about anywhere you want to go--except Georgetown, unfortunately.  There is a good iPhone app for the Metro with a system map and train status updates at each station.

If you've been to other pages on my site, you know that I like food.  Washington, DC has a plethora of good places to eat, although not in the same quantity as New York.  Some of my favorites are:

Great restaurant off DuPont Circle.  Certified organic, but that doesn't mean it's a vegan place with bland, tasteless food.  It means that their ingredients are organic and therefore the food has more flavor than other restaurants.  It's very close to The Phillips Collection, one of my favorite art museums, so I like to arrange an early reservation at Nora and go there after visiting the Phillips.

Old Ebbitt Grill
They still have (and use) the natural gas lamps in the Old Ebbitt and it's a beautiful place.  Great comfort food with an outstanding raw bar.  It's only a half block from the Hotel Washington, so it's a natural, although it's so popular that it's always mobbed.  Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it's a great place for all three.

Occidental Grill
Also very close to the Hotel Washington, it has terrific food, although more expensive than the Old Ebbitt.  Famous for the hundreds of photographs of dignitaries from decades of history affixed to its walls, and boasting a huge selection of single malts, it's a great place for lunch or dinner.

La Fourchette
As you will see, it doesn't have its own site.  A great casual French bistro in Adams-Morgan, they have classic French bistro food that's always good.  It's been there for over 20 years that I know of and is worth the brief cab ride.

Bistro Bis
An excellent, elegant French bistro close to Union Station and the Dubliner.  Excellent food--well worth a visit for a fine meal.

Click the thumbnail to see my Washington, DC photo album--a collection of photographs that starts in 2002 and runs through a history of camera gear and changing technical know-how.