PCC Mission To Washington 2013 Print

The Pacific Coast Council of Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders meets early in the year to take care of business and visit our elected representatives in both houses of Congress.  2013 began with some items of extreme interest to our industry and I enjoyed participating in the Mission again.  Peter Friedmann and his staff did another great job of putting together an excellent series of meetings. 

I, of course, took camera gear so I could capture a few photos here and there.  In particular, I wanted to shoot the Martin Luther King Memorial (I had never been there) and I did so at sunrise the first morning after arrival.  Also, my class project this year will be "Steps" in which I will focus on, and make a story out of, steps, staircases and the like.

It was raining heavily the morning we started our Capitol Hill visits so I didn't take my gear that day;  I normally take photos at each office we visit.  Oh, well.  Other than that, it was photographically good and it was an excellent series of business meetings.

Oh, and I was able to meet Kelsey for dinner at Mintwood Place which was a combination of really, really good food and a great visit.

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