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We have visited the U. K. several times and are very fond of the country and the people.  Our favorite way to visit is to rent places from The Landmark Trust, which is in the business of preserving historic buildings and renting them to travelers.  It's less expensive than most hotels and allows us to make breakfast, lunch and dinner (when we feel like it) in our own place.  We take day trips to surrounding places of interest.

There are two Web sites to visit for The Landmark Trust, the official one and an unofficial one that is quite good.  Check them both; on the unofficial one you will see some comments and some pictures from me on Bromfield Priory Gatehouse, Wolveton Gatehouse, Rosslyn Castle and Saddell Shore Cottage.

Our most recent trips were to Scotland in May 2001 and in 2005 and you can view pictures from those trips by clicking on the year in question.  I'll post more information on our favorite places to eat, sightsee, etc., at a later date.