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Hawaii is one of our favorite places in the world.  It's as much a state of mind as it is a destination.  As soon as we step off the plane we start to relax, and as we drive to wherever we're staying we continue to unwind, and not long after that, we notice that we're always walking around with goofy smiles on our faces.


My parents first went to Hawaii in 1952.  My mother flew to Honolulu to meet my dad, who was on his way home from Korea and Japan.  They rented a yellow (or Sun Gold, as Chevrolet called it) '53 Chevy Bel Air convertible that they thought was so cool my dad bought one for my mother later that year.

When I was in the Army, I went to Honolulu on my first R&R from Vietnam.

When I got out of the Army, I worked for Continental Airlines for a while back when Robert Six was still running the company.  Great place to work.  I was able to get tickets for my parents to visit Hawaii again and they went to all the islands.  Then, when Sue and I decided to get married, we visited Jim & Patty Fei, who were living in Honolulu at the time. 

 john & sue at bellows field beach 4x6 at 120.jpg

Yes, that's really us.  Remember, it was 1970. 

That was it until Jennifer was five years old, when we went to Maui, Kauai and Honolulu with the Curry family for two weeks.  That started the Hawaii bug for us and we've been going back nearly every year ever since.

Maui was our favorite island for about 15 years.  We would stay in Napili, usually at Napili Shores. 

 napili kai.jpg

I'd run up Office Road, past the Kumulani Chapel and the pineapple fields in the morning.  We'd go see stuff.  We'd relax. Really cool.  When Jennifer and Duane decided to get married, we all decided it was a great place for a wedding. Years ago, I wrote up a "Maui Primer" to give friends a glimpse at how we approach travel to Maui, with basic advice on going there--especially if you've never been there--including packing, what to see, where to stay, where to eat and so forth.  If you've been there, you can use the restaurant recommendations part of it, which is current as of 2007.

Kauai is our current favorite island, having been there five times in the last five years.  It's less crowded than Maui.  We're having a wonderful time being there.  I have a "Kauai Primer" also, which is a fluid document that I update after each trip there and which will give you a good idea of how we approach visiting our favorite island.  And once you have read that, you might want to take a look at the notes from our trips to Kauai:

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