Vermont at Tarky's Lodge in 2002 Print

Jennifer found Tarky's on the internet somehow and in several IM and email conversations, said that we needed to vacation in Vermont and that Tarky's looked like the place to do it.

Sue and I knew nothing about  Vermont, except that we have some good industry friends who hailed from Vermont.  But, what the heck--you don't know 'til you try something, so I called Missy Wisnowski and reserved the West Cabin at Tarky's.


West Cabin is what appears to be the back half of Tarky's and it was perfect for us. 


We walked up the stairs under the green roof to get to our entry way.  It had a huge kitchen (great for us cooks) and a big living room with a juke box. Upstairs it had a great room that was very large, with two bedrooms and a loft, plus a bunch of other space we never even opened.

Tarky's is on the shore of Lake Dunmore.

lake dunmore.jpg

That's the boat we rented one day for fishing and general fun on the lake.   Lake Dunmore is next to Middlebury, and there is plenty to do and see in Middlebury and the surrounding area.  We went to the Ben & Jerry's factory, we went to Fort Ticonderoga, we went to the Otter Creek Brewery (yes!), we had dinner at the Waybury Inn (where the Bob Newhart show was filmed) and we went to see a bunch of covered bridges, because I was really into covered bridges at the time.

halpin bridge 2.jpg

One day, we drove up to the blueberry management area and picked wild blueberries (oh, soooo good) and then went to the trailhead for Silver Lake to hike into the lake.  We spent a delightfully quiet, bucolic day fishing and enjoying absolute quiet out in the Green Mountains.

silver lake duane.jpg

This was a lovely vacation.  I guess you had to be there.  But, for a much better idea of all the things we did and saw, click the thumbnail below.