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If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free!--P. J. O'Rourke


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Jerry Brown's Union Salute Jerry Brown's Union Salute

California's governor does labor's bidding on voter initiatives.

Why the Stimulus Failed Why the Stimulus Failed

New research on what actually happened to a trillion dollars.

Federal Budget 101 Federal Budget 101

Graphic, easy to understand analysis of the US budget situation.

'Things Outside of Our Control' 'Things Outside of Our Control'

The latest White House explanation for the weak economy.

How Los Angeles Lost Its Mojo How Los Angeles Lost Its Mojo

The fact that its mayor is a bozo is a primary reason.  But he isn't the only bozo in city politics.

Unions Try To Silence a Think Tank Unions Try To Silence a Think Tank

Why would the fact that we associate with like-minded institutions be of interest to the attorney general?

Overcaffeinated CAFE Overcaffeinated CAFE

If ever a president seems to have learned nothing from the times he's living in, Barack Obama is it.

An Ethanol Miracle An Ethanol Miracle

A Senate supermajority turns against King Corn.

Obama thinks ATMs cause unemployment Obama thinks ATMs cause unemployment

Seriously!  He said so himself on the "Today Show."

The Light Bulb Police The Light Bulb Police

Americans deserve their choice of illumination.

Mediscare:  The Surprising Truth Mediscare: The Surprising Truth

Republicans are being portrayed as Medicare Grinches, but ObamaCare already has seniors' health care slated for draconian cuts.

Notable & Quotable Notable & Quotable

Walter Russell Mead says that three times President Obama has taken on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and three times he's failed miserably.

California's Next Train Wreck California's Next Train Wreck

The feds vs. the Golden State's fiscal watchdogs.

Holding Mrs. Warren Accountable Holding Mrs. Warren Accountable

The consumer financial czar doth protest too much.

Obama's "Gangster Politics" Obama's "Gangster Politics"

The president is about to order companies that do business with the federal government to disclose their political donations.

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