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1   Link   National Geographic Magazine
It's even better than the magazine. Awesome photo archives, story libraries, wallpaper utility for all its pictures, etc., etc. Worth a look every day.
2   Link   Kelley Blue Book
Everything you always wanted to know about the value of cars. Note the extra "e".
3   Link   U. S. Senate
Find your senator, and what's going on in the Senate.
4   Link   U. S. House of Representatives
Find your representative, and anything else that's going on in the House.
5   Link   Thomas
Our government at work. No, but seriously, folks. This site has a record of virtually everything that is currently going on in Congress. If you need to find a current bill, it will be here.
6   Link   Online Conversion
On-line conversion from just about anything to just about anything else--English to metric, volume, distance, weight, etc., etc., etc. Quite useful.
7   Link   RefDesk
Another incredible reference site with dozens and dozens more references. If you can't find what you want between this, How Stuff Works and Library Spot, all is probably lost.
8   Link   Library Spot
An incredible reference site full of encyclopedia references, and dozens and dozens of others.
9   Link   How Stuff Works
A terrific collection that will describe how almost everything in the world actually works. Spend some time here--you will learn something every time.
10   Link   C. H. Powell Company
An excellent Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder. I know.
11   Link   Snopes
Excellent source for debunking the urban legends and just plain phoney b.s. that people forward.