Capital Icons Print

Each year in Advanced Photography at Paul's Photo and the Creative Photo Academy, we work up a portfolio of images to present to a panel of judges and an audience of about 100 people. We spend most of the year assembling and presenting work in class, for critique by our instructor Mark Comon and our fellow students/photographers.

in 2014 I decided to present photos from Washington, DC because I have traveled there frequently and I think it's a great city. During my presentation, it was gratifying to have one of the judges declare that he had just returned from a photo shoot in Washington, DC and he was distressed to say that my photos were better than his. Good for my ego.

Anyway, the presentation was well received. I entered a few photos from this presentation in the Orange County Fair photography contest in 2016 and was pleasantly surprised that "Moment With Mr. Lincon" (which is a self-portrait) won a 1st Prize blue ribbon, a Division Winner ribbon, and a Judge's Choice ribbon.

You can see all the photos in a slide show by clicking this thumbnail once. They're all for sale, so send me an email via the Contact link on my home page if you would like to purchase a print.