John Peterson Photo Show at Mattucci Real Estate in San Pedro Print

In April and May 2013 I had the opportunity to display some of my work in Mattucci Real Estate on 6th Street in San Pedro, in the gallery area.  The firm's office lends itself well to display of large images on the ground floor because the ceiling is close to 20' high.  I had large format canvas prints made for the ground floor of some of my images of Washington, DC, and in the upper gallery put up 12" x 18" color prints in 20" x 24" frames.

One of my favorite photographs is a black & white image of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial with the Washington Monument in the background.  The canvas print of that image is 5' tall.  The rest of the canvas prints are 24" x 36".  Seeing everything in person is the best way to view the photographs, but if you'd like to see them now, click the thumbnail below once.