2nd Annual John Bohner Star Trails Photo Adventure Print

John Bohner was a wonderful friend. Duane and I spent many hours with him in Joshua Tree figuring out how to properly shoot star trails and static star photographs. This friendship grew into a project for John, wherein he designed a customer intervalometer for us to use so that the gaps in our trails would be unnoticeable. And he wasn't a trails guy--he was a static star shot guy--but had decided he should learn trails while trying to convince us to shoot static star shots. Such is the stuff friends are made of.


Fast forward to John, Duane and me being annointed the Space Cowboys by Mark Comon of Paul's Photo because of our star trails endeavors, and Mark's subsequent incorporation into the Space Cowboys. John, being a Photoshop wizard, developed this group shot of the Space Cowboys.

space cowboys ii 700 at 200dpi

John passed away this year and it has been a hard thing for us. Not nearly as hard as it has been for his wife and son, of course, but we are all grieving and miss him. Gathering for the second Paul's Photo star trails shoot had particular meaning for us this year because of John's passing and Mark named the adventure in memory of John from this moment on. We dedicated a flag in his honor while there and photographed in his honor as well.

Duane and I rented an RV this time because we've decided that this pitching tent business kind of sucks. Or at least, I have. I helped a number of people paint with flashlights, and it was rewarding watching their excitement at capturing the images. I captured a static shot of Orion in John's memory, captured a 90-minute session of chaos as an experiment, and captured two long trail session with both of my cameras. It was a wonderful night and it upsets the hell out of me that John wasn't there to (1) enjoy the steak I wanted to grill for him, (2) enjoy the Springbank I just had bottled from my private casks, and (3) join in the fun of photographing stars.

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