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White Pocket is an amazing 1/4 square mile out in the middle of the desert in the Vermilion Cliffs area southwest of Page, AZ.  I broke my leg within a few hours after arriving there in 2006 so I eagerly awaited Mark's next trip so I could see more of it and take more photos.  October, 2008 was my first chance so Duane and I went again. Mark again retained the expert services of Charly Moore and Jackson Bridges and they did an excellent job (again) of feeding and guiding us.


We flew this time, rather than driving, and could only go for the three nights in White Pocket, but we got there and took many photographs. We flew into Phoenix and then transferred to Great Lakes Airlines for the flight to Page.


The flight is a little over an hour from Phoenix to Page and you pass over the Grand Canyon, which is interesting from the air.


No, I didn't injure myself this time.  It was very windy, dry and dusty so my equipment was pretty dirty upon return, and the reflecting pool areas were largely dry, but the photography was still good and the group was great fun.  We left Page at about 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, October 9th and this time Duane and I rode in Charly's Suburban, driven by Jackson.  It's a three-hour drive from Page, the last hour of which is only about five miles but over very rough, sandy road that is only passable in a full four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Following arrival at White Pocket and unloading our gear, Duane and I set up our tent and then helped others with their tents, while Charly finished setting up his "kitchen" in the mess tents and made lunch for us with Brenda's excellent help.



Following a late lunch, we gathered our gear and followed Jackson out to The Place for a re-education on the area and a sunset shoot.  Jackson showed me the proper way to photograph some fins that are in the middle of Area 1.


This first shoot was awe-inspiring for all those who had not been there before, and for me, since for all intents and purposes, I hadn't been there, either.  Click the thumbnail below for photos of the first sunset shoot.

We came back into camp shortly before dark in time for Brenda's beef stew (wonderful) preceded by martinis prepared by Duane (aka Duano The Shaker) which, out in the field, tasted great.  So did the Johnnie Walker Black we took with us.  So did the wine.  Etc., etc.

We arose before 6:00 a.m. the next day so we could photograph at sunrise and enjoyed another wonderful shoot.  Click the thumbnail below for photos of sunrise on our first morning in White Pocket.

This shoot, like the evening before, was especially nice for me, since I hadn't seen the area very well in 2006.  We came back in to camp for breakfast, whereupon Charly and Brenda cooked up bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and hash browns, along with more coffee, all of which really hit the spot.  While mid-day sun is normally lousy photographic light, the Horn Of Plenty in White Pocket is an anamoly in that it's best approached at 10:30 a.m. to noon.  Bill Shanney, an expert photographer in our group, had planned to go out to the Horn Of Plenty after breakfast, so I tagged along.  I was fascinated by the formation there and having seen it the night before, wanted to be there in the proper light. My acrophobia bothered me a little, and I didn't have much confidence in my ability to negotiate the walk; my balance and my nerves were a little shot after my experience two years ago breaking my leg.  A little paranoid, I suppose, but Bill led me out there and I set my tripod up on the edge for a spell.


While I was shooting via tripod, Bill crawled down to the lower edge and shot hand-held for a while.  


When he was finished, I did the same thing.  Bill kindly gave me this photo that he took of me while I was on the edge.




Clicking on the thumbnail below will open another short show of some photos taken at the Horn Of Plenty.

It was really windy that afternoon, so many of us stayed in camp, chatting and/or reading, and watching Charly make a batch of chicken curry for dinner--another great camp dinner.  After another windy night of feeling the sand hit our faces inside the tent all night long, we rose early for another sunrise shoot.  I headed to the ghostbuster and while the pond was dry, it still made for a nice shot.  I went back to Jackson's tree after that, and then came back to camp for breakfast. Charly was there waiting.


Click the thumbnail below for a few photos from our last shoot.

After breakfast we began the long process of breaking camp and packing up to go so we could drive back to Page for showers and dinner at Fiesta Mexicana for our farewell.  Another great photo adventure with Paul's Photo.