Death Valley with Paul's Photo, January 2017 Print

As I have done several times before, I participated in the Creative Photo Academy Death Valley Photo Adventure this year. Death Valley is filled with wonders of nature that are wonderful photographic venues. After a most enjoyable series of photo shoots, wining and dining with friends and new acquaintances, and excellent camaraderie, I returned home with some nice images.

Capital Icons Print

Each year in Advanced Photography at Paul's Photo and the Creative Photo Academy, we work up a portfolio of images to present to a panel of judges and an audience of about 100 people. We spend most of the year assembling and presenting work in class, for critique by our instructor Mark Comon and our fellow students/photographers.

in 2014 I decided to present photos from Washington, DC because I have traveled there frequently and I think it's a great city. During my presentation, it was gratifying to have one of the judges declare that he had just returned from a photo shoot in Washington, DC and he was distressed to say that my photos were better than his. Good for my ego.

Anyway, the presentation was well received. I entered a few photos from this presentation in the Orange County Fair photography contest in 2016 and was pleasantly surprised that "Moment With Mr. Lincon" (which is a self-portrait) won a 1st Prize blue ribbon, a Division Winner ribbon, and a Judge's Choice ribbon.

You can see all the photos in a slide show by clicking this thumbnail once. They're all for sale, so send me an email via the Contact link on my home page if you would like to purchase a print.


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John Peterson Photo Show at Mattucci Real Estate in San Pedro Print

In April and May 2013 I had the opportunity to display some of my work in Mattucci Real Estate on 6th Street in San Pedro, in the gallery area.  The firm's office lends itself well to display of large images on the ground floor because the ceiling is close to 20' high.  I had large format canvas prints made for the ground floor of some of my images of Washington, DC, and in the upper gallery put up 12" x 18" color prints in 20" x 24" frames.

Death Valley with Paul's Photo, January 2013 Print

Sue and I went on the Paul's Photo Death Valley photo adventure in 2006 and I have been thinking about doing so again for a while.  Then, Duane told me that he was going as part of his training to be one of the trip leaders for Paul's Photo.  Since it's always fun to take trips like this with Duane, I signed up.  The weather was interesting this time because it rained while we were there (Death Valley gets less than 2" of rain per year).

2nd Annual John Bohner Star Trails Photo Adventure Print

John Bohner was a wonderful friend. Duane and I spent many hours with him in Joshua Tree figuring out how to properly shoot star trails and static star photographs. This friendship grew into a project for John, wherein he designed a customer intervalometer for us to use so that the gaps in our trails would be unnoticeable. And he wasn't a trails guy--he was a static star shot guy--but had decided he should learn trails while trying to convince us to shoot static star shots. Such is the stuff friends are made of.

Star Trails in Joshua Tree, March 2011 Print

Following the success Duane and I had with a few star trails trips, we went again in December 2010 with Mark Comon of Paul's Photo to seriously examine the feasibility of putting together a Paul's Photo Star Trails Photo Adventure.  Having determined it was, in fact, feasible, Mark put the trip together and 25 of us went to Joshua Tree for a night of star trails and light painting photography on March 3, 2011.

San Francisco 2010 with Paul's Photo Print

In April 2010, a bunch of us joined Mark Comon for another photo adventure, this time to San Francisco.  I have been to San Francisco many times but have never taken the time to seriously photograph much of anything.  This was an exercise in shooting several things--street photography, the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown and Alcatraz, with a few other goodies here and there.

San Diego Train Trip with Paul's Photo Print

On November 22, 2009, a bunch of us joined Mark Comon from Paul's Photo on a full day Amtrak trip to photograph the San Juan Capistrano Mission and the USS Midway.

Monument Valley & Canyon de Chelly Print

When Mark Comon at Paul’s Photo announced that he would be putting together a trip to Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly, I registered immediately because (1) I had never been to either place, (2) the photographs I had seen of both places were beautiful, (3) Ansel Adams’ photograph of the White House Ruins in Canyon de Chelly has always been one of my favorite photographs, and (4) Robert Hitchman’s excellent newsletter Photograph America covered both in issue #27 (updated in July 2008) and it was inspiring.


Weston Carmel Nude Photography Workshop 2009 Print

Those of you who follow my site know that I'm an amateur photographer, that I've been taking lessons from Mark Comon at Paul's Photo for years and that I've been on numerous photo adventures with Mark.  You would also know that I'm primarily a landscape guy who also photographs animals and, at social functions, people--as well as my grandchildren, of course--and dabbles in portraiture with my son-in-law with our small studio setup.  It was with some trepidation, therefore, that I signed up for Mark's nude photography workshop at the home of Kim and Gina Weston in Carmel.  Kim is the grandson of Edward Weston, arguably one of the most famous photographers in American history, and Kim is an excellent and well known photographer in his own right.  Yikes.


Photography Software Print

Anyone who has taken digital photographs has used (or tried to use) some kind of software to do something with it.  The more you fool around with digital photography, the more you fool around with the software that can help you.  Here's my current opinion, based on my limited experience.


San Simeon with Paul's Photo Print

Mark Comon of Paul's Photo put together a one-day (but ALL day) bus trip to shoot the elephant seals at Piedras Blancas and take a tour at Hearst Castle.  Long day but great photography.


White Pocket Print

White Pocket is an amazing 1/4 square mile out in the middle of the desert in the Vermilion Cliffs area southwest of Page, AZ.  I broke my leg within a few hours after arriving there in 2006 so I eagerly awaited Mark's next trip so I could see more of it and take more photos.  October, 2008 was my first chance so Duane and I went again. Mark again retained the expert services of Charly Moore and Jackson Bridges and they did an excellent job (again) of feeding and guiding us.

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