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This isn't about thin crust, gourmet pizza.  This is about pies.  Sicilian pies. 

Since Domino's sucks, it isn't in the running.  Even Buono's in San Pedro can't compete.  This place makes the best pizza around, hands down.



Rosario's Italian Restaurant
1343 East Carson Street
Carson, CA 90745
(310) 549-0212

They don't have a web site.  They don't deliver.  And unless you work in or around Carson, you probably won't want to come up to get their pizza. But if you do work in or around Carson, you should try this pizza--it's the best.   The menu is here.

Whenever we decide to have pizza in the office, we go here.  Everyone looks forward to it.  We diet for a week, waiting for the experience.  Where Domino's cooks a large pizza in eight minutes, it takes Rosario's twenty-five minutes to cook theirs.  The crust is crispy on the bottom and the entire surface of the pizza is completely covered in pepperoni or sausage (depending on what you ordered), instead of a few dots being placed here and there.  A post I saw on CitySearch said that a large must weight ten pounds and will feed six to eight hungry adults.  I know for a fact that a medium sausage & pepperoni weighs 4½ pounds and when combined with one antipasto salad will feed three hungry adults the first night, with half of the pizza left over.

I hasten to add that a combination (any two items) pizza doesn't mean they sprinkle some of each ingredient around.  Our medium pepperoni and sausage was completely covered in pepperoni and then that was completely covered in sausage.  No wonder it weighed over four pounds.

And aside from the huge size, it's good.  Excellent fennel sausage, crisp crust, and good old-fashioned Sicilian pie satisfaction.  Forget everything you've ever known about pizza and try this--you'll be glad you did.