Hamburger Print

First, we can obviously dispense with MacDonalds, Burger King, Carl's Jr. and such places.  If I'm going to ingest the fat and calories that go along with having a burger, it must be a good burger.

But, there are different kinds of burger experiences.  There's fast food, there's table service, and so forth.  So here's what I think.

Best Fast Food Burger     


For a drive-through burger, you want In & Out, no question.  Maybe even if you're eating in.  Fresh patties, cooked to order, freshly baked bun, lettuce and tomato still chilled.  I don't like their french fries, but their burgers are great, and if you remember to order their fries "well done", you'll get good fries.  They have lots of locations in California, and some in Arizona and Nevada, so you shouldn't have trouble finding one around there.  Tip:  Order your burger "animal style" for the perfect burger.  You'll get it with mustard grilled into the patty, grilled onions on the patty, and special sauce (aka 1000 island dressing).  Or, if you're on South Beach or some other low-carb diet, order it "protetin style" and you'll get it without the bun--wrapped in a huge lettuce leaf.  These items are on the "secret menu" that really isn't secret.


On the other hand, if you don't need a drive-through, you should try a Fatburger.  It will be harder to find, since they only have 48 locations in California and Las Vegas, but it will be worth driving for one.  Great, fresh burgers, with fresh lettuce and tomato, and they make great fries--either wedge or skinny.  "Converting vegetarians since 1952", they have great advertising one-liners.  One of my favorites is, "You know, 'Billions enjoyed' is a whole lot different than, 'Billions served'."  How true.


Best Table Service Burger   

26 Beach Cafe, 3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA.  310-823-7526.  Huge, freshly made patties and buns, incredible variety, great french fries.  They also have great meal-size salads.  All of it delicious and reasonably priced.


Sentimental Favorite Burger   


Chicago For Ribs, Redondo Beach, San Pedro and Westchester, CA.  A good friend of mine owns them and their 1/2 pound burger is excellent.  Waffle fries are really good, too.  But I have such a hard time passing up the ribs and onion rings for the burger...