Martini Garnish Print

The classic addition to a Martini is the olive. If you like onions in your Martini, you're really drinking a Gibson.


Being something of a purist, I don't like vermouth, so I'm really just drinking gin, straight up, very cold.

Of the classic, commercial gins, I like white label Bombay the best, but in the world of boutique gins, Junipero (from Anchor Brewing in San Francisco) is terrific, and so are Leopold'sHendrick's and Old Raj (a Cadenhead's product) from Scotland.

Anyway, if I'm going to have olives, I like onion-stuffed olives, and Miss Scarlett's are a real treat. I also like their onions and, for fun sometimes, their anchovy-stuffed olives. And caperberries are excellent, too.  But Tomolives are the best--dilled baby tomatoes that really hit the spot.  Ketel One vodka picked the Tomolive as its chosen garnish, and for good reason.