Potato Chips Print

I know that Kettle Chips are really good, and there are lots of potato chips out there that are terrific.  But these are the best in the world.  Trust me.


You'll see Maui Kitch'n Cook'd potato chips referenced elsewhere on this site. They're the best. You'll see people on ChowHound extolling their virtues.  The only problem is, they aren't sold outside Hawaii, or even on any of the other islands, so you'll have to go to Maui to try them. But that's not all bad, either...


Actually, it is possible to have some mailed to you.  I do this when we go to Kauai--I call for the current price on a box of twelve bags and send them a Postal Money Order (which is the only payment they will accept) at least a week ahead of time and I have them shipped in my care to the lovely folks from whom we rent.  Makes for a nice welcoming present to ourselves.

This 1987 article will give you good history on the company and the chips, as well as ordering information.