The Best
Ribs Print


Forget Tony Roma's.  This place has better ribs, better other stuff on the menu, better beer and it's owned by someone who really enjoys food.  I know this because a good friend of mine owns it. 

Peanut Butter Print


I don't like stabilized peanut butter like Skippy, JIF and so forth.  They're made to stay mixed together without refrigeration, which requires adding hydrogenated oil, and kids like them because they're full of sugar--and the sugar is why I would never let Jennifer eat it when she was growing up.

Mai Tai Mix Print


When we go to Hawaii, I am always on my ever-present quest for the perfect Mai Tai.  It's weird--I don't even like rum all that well, but there's something about a good Mai Tai that makes Hawaii even better.

Pizza Print


This isn't about thin crust, gourmet pizza.  This is about pies.  Sicilian pies. 

Since Domino's sucks, it isn't in the running.  Even Buono's in San Pedro can't compete.  This place makes the best pizza around, hands down.


Definitions Print


You've seen plenty of new definitions, some allegedly from Washington Post contests and so forth, with fun new meanings for words we use every day, or new words made out of some others.  My favorite definitions are still those that Ambrose Bierce published in what came to be known as The Devil's Dictionary.  He was one of the most acerbic wits ever.

Hamburger Print

First, we can obviously dispense with MacDonalds, Burger King, Carl's Jr. and such places.  If I'm going to ingest the fat and calories that go along with having a burger, it must be a good burger.

But, there are different kinds of burger experiences.  There's fast food, there's table service, and so forth.  So here's what I think.

Baja Fish Taco Print

No, it isn't at Rubio's.  Odds are good that you've never heard of this place unless you live in San Pedro or know me.


Martini Garnish Print

The classic addition to a Martini is the olive. If you like onions in your Martini, you're really drinking a Gibson.


Toffee Print

There is toffee and there is toffee.  This isn't the break-your-teeth type that's hard to eat.  This is easily breakable, supremely flavorful, and it's kosher.


Potato Chips Print

I know that Kettle Chips are really good, and there are lots of potato chips out there that are terrific.  But these are the best in the world.  Trust me.


Books & Authors Print

I put this list together for anyone who needs a recommendation for a good book. Remember, this is all my opinion, but numerous friends will agree with me.