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In the October 2011 issue of Outdoor Photographer there was an article entitled "How To Shoot Star Trails", which is also available on line here.


This article was disappointing to me, because it doesn't really tell you how to shoot star trails. It was particularly disappointing to my son-in-law Duane Cassone, because he had written to the magazine offering his white paper on the subject for the magazine's consideration. Duane's white paper (which is on my site here) actually does tell you how to shoot star trails, and in this article I will do the same, with some of my photos as examples of what you can expect.
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My son-in-law Duane did some extensive research on star trails photography before we went to Joshua Tree in October for the rock climbing trip with Christopher and other boys his age.  We fooled around with it on that trip (I failed miserably) and had to go back for another try.  This time, Duane had done even more research to solve the problem of power.  Our results were vastly improved.

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Some things are more complicated than others--shooting fireworks and city lights, for example.  Usually, a good camera is required.  Because we don't do them very often, we often forget all that is involved.  Hence, this brief essay on some of those situations. 

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Being a serious amateur photographer, going to Africa was a dream trip, albeit one over which I fretted a lot. I say again, a lot. When going to Africa to photograph on safari, there is much about which one can fret.

Anyway, I read numerous web articles about it, several of which were very helpful. I suggest that you read these:


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