Global Warming

It's questionable whether the earth is warming. But even if it is, the larger questions are, who/what is to blame, what can/should be done about it and who should foot the bill?


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My Nobel Moment My Nobel Moment

A MARVelous discourse on global warming by one of the members of the committee that won the other half of the Nobel with Al Gore

Glass Houses Glass Houses

Which is more ecologically responsible:  George Bush's ranch in Texas, or Al Gore's mansion in Tennessee?

Greenhouse Affect Greenhouse Affect

Turns out ethanol is bad for the environment.  Oops.

More Global Warming Nonsense More Global Warming Nonsense

Global warming is causing an increase in malaria?  Puhleez...

Cap and Spend Cap and Spend

This belongs in politics, too.  It's an amazingly stupid piece of legislation that would cost a bloody fortune while doing very little to actually reduce global warming.  Barbara Boxer's involvement doesn't surprise me, but I'm disappointed in Joe Leiberman.
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