Recipes that we make over and over, and that friends frequently request


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Au Jus for Prime Rib Au Jus for Prime Rib


Au Jus recipe from my friend Gordon McRae to accompany Prime Rib.

Betsy's Spinach Casserole Betsy's Spinach Casserole


Comfort food from a long time friend. It's terrific--try it and you'll make it over and over. You can cut down on the butter if you wish.

Four Cheese Macaroni & Cheese Four Cheese Macaroni & Cheese


Incredibly flavorful, decadent, satisfying macaroni and cheese.

Mexican Lasagna Mexican Lasagna


Great old recipe from a Lawry's cookbook that everyone loves. Good comfort food.

New Year's Day Bean Soup New Year's Day Bean Soup


Christine's mother Beaulah gave Sue this recipe ages ago and I've been making it on New Year's Day every year. It's a great soup, very flavorful and satisfying.

Prime Rib Prime Rib


My friend Gordon McRae perfected this cooking method, which works every time. You should use a constant-read thermometer, the type where the readout stays outside the oven, so you can watch the temperature rise. Keep in mind that your prime rib will cook in about two hours, REGARDLESS OF ITS WEIGHT.

Root Vegetable Gratin with Gruyere Root Vegetable Gratin with Gruyere


I made this for Christmas 2007 to use a new Emile Henry casserole I had given to Sue for Christmas. The recipe came right out of the Williams-Sonoma catalogue and worked perfectly with that casserole. It's really good.

Scalloped Potatoes with Three Cheeses Scalloped Potatoes with Three Cheeses


This is one of our family favorites for any occasion when "special" potatoes are necessary. Great flavor.

Braised Celery Braised Celery


Easy, simple, yet elegant way to serve a vegetable for a crowd. Sue's mother made this for Thanksgiving and Christmas frequently.

Meat Loaf Meat Loaf


Great meat loaf from Williams-Sonoma, only slightly modified. A family favorite that's good for dinner and makes fabulous meat loaf sandwiches on the left over sourdough bread you'll have.

Hot California Sandwiches Hot California Sandwiches


My mother and Eleanor Lovett made these frequently. I loved them as a kid and I still do. You can make them on English muffins or sourdough bread.

Old Fashioned Chopped Salad Old Fashioned Chopped Salad


Very nice, refreshing salad from the original chef when the Occidental Grill in Washington, DC first opened. Hasn't been on their menu for years so I'm glad I got the recipe when I did.

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Sweet Potato Pecan Pie


Wonderful variation on plain old pecan pie from Paul Prudhomme. Sue has been making it for Thanksgiving for years; Duane wouldn't have it any other way.

Peas with Rosemary and Pine Nuts Peas with Rosemary and Pine Nuts


Sue's friend Chris Van Hook gave us this recipe many years ago and it's one of those standbys that people ask for and that we like to keep making.

Brie with Roquefort and Herbs Brie with Roquefort and Herbs


Another recipe from Piret's, this is a good savory appetizer that works well for a crowd.

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