Lanai & Kauai 2003 Print

In August 2003, we went back to Hawaii for the first time since Jennifer's wedding, to celebrate her graduation. We went to different islands this time--Lana'i (none of us had ever been there) and Kauai (it had been 15 years since we'd been there).

New York Print

New York is exciting, full of life, and a great place to visit, but I'm glad we don't live there--especially Manhattan itself.  Love visiting there, but always glad to come home.


I wrote a "New York Primer" for friends that contains advice on visiting New York and which may be helpful to you.  There are reviews of several of my favorite restaurants in it, and advice on things to see, using the subway, etc.
Africa Print

Going to Africa was Sue’s dream for years and when Jennifer did so for three months in 1999, the dream started recurring more often. When Mark Comon at Paul’s Photo put together a photo adventure to Kenya, I wanted to go, but not without Sue, so we signed up.

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