Ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach Print

Class project in 2007 was "The Perfect Portfolio", through which we tried to learn how to put together a portfolio on a given subject.  I tried to do this for the ports where I work.  Some of the photos I took, used and am still refining are here.


Death Valley Print


We spent February 2nd through the 5th, 2006, in Death Valley on another photo adventure with Mark Comon from Paul's Photo. Paul Comon was on the trip too! So were our friends Art & Ellen Litman. Another great trip. I had never been to Death Valley and it was fascinating.

Eastern Sierra Print


In October 2003, Sue and I went on another photo adventure with Mark Comon from Paul's Photo in Torrance, this time to the Eastern Sierra for fall color. We stayed in Mammoth Lakes, which was significant for me because I grew up going to Tamarack Lodge in Mammoth Lakes every summer for about ten years. We drove up the day before the adventure was to begin so we could drive into Tamarack and the surrounding area to see how it had changed.

Yosemite Print

The last week in January, 2005, I went on yet another photo adventure with Mark Comon of Paul's Photo in Torrance and a group of 15 photographers. Sue and I drove up in the Volvo XC90, which was perfect for the trip since it has full-time all-wheel drive. I had chains for all four wheels, packed all my photo gear and cold-weather clothes, and off we went.

Photo Adventures Print


I have been on numerous Photo Adventures with Mark Comon of Paul's Photo.  They have allowed me to see things that I might not have seen otherwise, and appreciate venues and natural phonomena that many people will never see.  I learn something photographically on every one of them, and come away thankful that I went.  These trips are highly popular with Mark's students and it can therefore be difficult to join them, which is why I sign up the minute I learn of one that interests me.


Bryce Canyon, Utah, & Page, Arizona Print

  Mark Comon at Paul's Photo started the Bryce Canyon/Page, Arizona trip two years ago and this second trip there was eagerly awaited by all of us who were fortunate enough to go along. I was able to take Duane (who is my son-in-law, for those of you who didn't know that already) with me. Duane is far better versed in things outdoors than anyone else I know, and better than anyone on this trip, except, perhaps, our guides.

Photography Equipment Print

Obviously, I'm not a professional photographer. I'm just a serious amateur. I take my lessons and buy all my equipment from Mark Comon at Paul's Photo in Torrance, CA. You won't find a better teacher or a better camera shop.

The Lucky Shot Print

We often hear a photograph described as a “lucky shot”, whether speaking of our own work in a self-deprecating manner, or hearing someone speak disparagingly of another’s work.

Photography is an Awakening Print

I have gone places and seen things that, were it not for my interest in photography, I would not have experienced otherwise. 

"When I Have a Camera in My Hand..." Print

"When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear." -- Alfred Eisenstaedt

Safari Photography Print

Being a serious amateur photographer, going to Africa was a dream trip, albeit one over which I fretted a lot. I say again, a lot. When going to Africa to photograph on safari, there is much about which one can fret.

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