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Newport Coast Villlas 2009 Print

We have owned two weeks at Newport Coast Villas for several years but this was the first year I was able to join in the fun.

Sean Peterson & Rachel Beckham Wedding Print

My cousin Steve is really more like my brother, and his sister Susie is more like my sister.  Having no real brothers or sisters, this was always a source of comfort for me when we were growing up. (Did we ever grow up?)  Steve and Betty have two sons, Sean and Jonathan, and Jennifer loves them both dearly.  So, when Sean and Rachel decided to get married, we couldn't miss that one.


Andy Katzman & Sarah Cowan Wedding Print

We couldn't miss this one.  Andy is our surrogate son, Sue is Andy's other mother, Andy's parents David and Milly are dear, dear friends of ours, Jennifer & Duane are goods friends of Jenn and Phil (Jenn being Andy's cousin), etc., etc. 

The Special Powers of Grandchildren Print

We have all imagined ourselves with special powers to do this, that and the other thing at times.  Small children today are especially tuned in to such powers, as they watch Star Wars and various animated movies in which the heroes have special powers of some kind.


Holiday Party Memo Print


FROM: Patty Lewis, Human Resources Director

TO: All Employees

DATE: December 01, 2008

RE: Christmas Party

"Aliens Cause Global Warming" Print

A learned, acerbic treatise on global warming by the late Michael Crichton, from a lecture delivered at the California Institute of Technology on January 17, 2003 and printed in the Wall Street Journal.  Also posted in Documents>Global Warming.


Christopher's First Dodgers Game Print
On June 22, 2008 we took Jennifer, Duane and Christopher to the Dodgers game.  It was Christopher's first baseball game and with all our hype leading up to it, he was really excited.
Maui Potato Chips Factory Print

This is an old (1987) article from the New York Times that my friend David Katzman sent to me.  The prices and ordering information are out of date, but it will give you interesting history on the company and why the chips are soooooo good.

Thoughts on RSVP Print

Why is it that so many people don’t bother to RSVP now? Is it because they don’t know what it means? Or are they just rude?

the mother tongue Print

The Wall Street Journal, in its Weekend Edition, frequently has a "Five Best" feature that lists the person of the day's favorite five books on a particular subject.  Since I enjoy books on English--and its proper use, something about which too many people know nothing--Bill Bryson's book, "the mother tongue" sounded intriguing.

The Africans Print

While browsing around for information on Africa, I was looking at a trip on the Abercrombie & Kent web site and noticed that they have a "Recommended Reading" section on each of their trip pages.  This book was listed and it sounded so interesting that I decided I should read it.

Cuz's Surprise 60th Birthday Party Print


Sue and I drove up to Grass Valley so we could join in the fun celebrating the 60th birthday party for my cousin Steve (who is more like a brother).  The event was orchestrated very well by his wife Betty and his older son Sean, with loads of help from younger son Jonathan. 

Wine & Food Society of Southern California Print


I joined the society in 1987 after my good friend Gordon McRae sponsored me. I've learned a tremendous amount about food and wine during the ensuing years and I have cooked or helped to cook a course at the dinner cooked by the members most years. It's all great fun with great food and great wine and the experiences are all special.

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