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Telling VOICES to go blow it Print

An essay from Jinx


In a month or so, Howard and I will be leaving the Bay Club and moving to Northern Nevada. Since this
may be my last "oral essay" to this group, I have written what I believe needs to be said.
First: I must chastise this Board for their lack of courage to stand up to a group whose main goal is to
take over and run the Bay Club. (And Vaughn, they do have meetings.) Yes, "Voices" I am saying this to
you. You have created such an aura of distrust with your back stabbing, and statements that border on
slander. To Corinne, Mary, Kay, Susan, Ann, Melissa, Lauren, Teri and others, I ask "Are your hands Lily
white?" I can personally say you may run a background check on my husband and me if you desire. Can
all of you claim that, or is there something you'd rather not have known. Some do I know.
Second: You made fun of the Social Committee and said it was a good thing they dissolved. How very
unkind. Some of you turn up your noses at certain members of the Bay Club. How very little class you
We shall miss some of our very good friends at the Bay Club but we will not miss the stress and the
heartache you have caused.
You will probably get a Board of Directors you want after the next election because your poison will
have taken effect. Remember: As you sow—so shall you reap.
Your meetings border on the illegal since you have not notified all residents. Check the Blue Book on
Condo Law, Page 33.
San Diego, January 2012 Print

Art and Ellen Litman are dear, dear friends of ours and we've traveled with them to many places--and if you don't believe it, just browse around this site.

Anyway, the four of us spent a lovely weekend at the U. S. Grant Hotel in San Diego recently and this post has some information on things to do and see thereabouts.

Christmas 2011 Print

Christmas is such huge fun for us that regardless of how crappy the year may have been, it's a wonderful time of year.  Sue and I had Thanksgiving dinner at our place and decided that it would be cool to have Christmas dinner at our place, too--fancy china, Christmas china, sterling, crystal, etc., etc.  All that hoopla, together with putting together great meals, and watching Christopher and Brooklyn have such fun, made the holidays this year special for us--again.

Joshua Tree 2011 Print

Following on the success of last year's father/son camping trip, Duane reserved a larger group camp site this year and the group included some ladies--Jennifer, Nicole Ammons (Scott's wife--they're next door neighbors to Jennifer & Duane), and Brooklyn--as well as their dogs, Finn and Gabby.  I joined them again so there would be a token old goat and a photographer. 

New York in June 2011 Print

Customs scheduled a meeting of the Trade Support Network's Trade Leadership Council in New York.  Ostensibly, since AAEI paid for the meeting room, holding the meeting in New York saved money for Customs.  Factoring in all the travel expenses, it's still unclear to me how it saved money, but I hadn't been to New York since New Year's Day 2007 and it worked for me.

Buying a new set of hearing aids Print

Those who know me well—or those who really read the stuff on this site—know that I'm hard of hearing. If you're similarly afflicted, you may be interested in this post.

Indian Wells, New Year 2011 Print

We broke tradition this year by taking a four day, three night family vacation over the New Year holiday in Palm Springs.  We stayed in connecting rooms at the Renaissance Esmaralda Resort & Spa in Indian Wells--hugely popular with Christopher and Brooklyn because they love staying in HOtels, as they call them--and enjoyed a lovely, relaxing four days of family fun.

Joshua Tree 2010 Print

Duane put together a four-day, three-night camping trip to Joshua Tree National Park for fathers and sons that included five dads and their sons, and he invited me to go along so I could enjoy the time with him and with Christopher.  And take photos.

Why I'm Boycotting Nike Print

Nike has a large counterfeiting problem.  Unscrupulous companies manufacture goods using Nike's logo and sell those goods wherever they can—swap meets, on the streets of New York, etc.  Admittedly, this is reprehensible and I support prosecution of any exporter and/or importer that is knowingly involved. 

Cambria Family Vacation 2010 Print

We rented another house in Cambria for a week, this time right on the water, and enjoyed another lovely week in a lovely little town.

USS Midway with Jennifer & Christopher Print

Jennifer and I took Thursday off to ride Amtrak with Christopher to San Diego and tour the USS Midway.  He's fascinated by ships (especially aircraft carriers), jets, helicopters, trains and all that sort of thing, so the day was an automatic winner.

Disneyland, January 2010 Print

Once again, Jennifer and I take a day to visit the Happiest Place On Earth with Christopher and Brooklyn.

The Arabs Print

I read "The Africans" by David Lamb before and after our trip to Africa and was so moved by it that I had to read his book "The Arabs".  Mr. Lamb not only talks the talk, but has walked the walk in all things Arab and I recommend this book highly for those of you who want to learn why Arabs are the way they are, what Islam is all about--including a lengthy dissertation on the prophet Mohammed--and why we just can't get along.

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