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Small World Print


We've all heard variations on the theme--six degrees of separation, it's a small world, you never know, etc., etc. Sounds kind of trite sometimes. However, it's happened to me enough that I thought I should start writing it all down. Especially after our experience at The Fahm in July, 2003. 

Funny Signs Print


Some classic signs.  I took the photo of the theater in Bronxville.  The next-to-last one is a photo that I took in Buffalo, NY.  I took the last one in Nairobi in 2007.

The Wisdom of Will Rogers Print


Still excellent pearls of wisdom. 

Jennifer's Wedding Print


When Jennifer and Duane decided to get married, we made arrangements for the wedding to take place where Sue and I were married: The Neighborhood Church of Palos Verdes.

We booked the church, booked the Ocean Trails Golf Club clubhouse for the reception, arranged for Bellows Photography to take pictures, located the best wedding cake maker anywhere (Bridal Sweets), and began the search for a florist, all the while figuring that there would be about 300 guests.

Then, after hosting an engagement party for 125 friends of both families at our clubhouse, Jennifer and Duane told us that they didn't want a large wedding after all. They calculated that at 300 people, they would have about 15 seconds to speak to each one. They wanted to be able to have some quality time with everyone.

Kauai 2006 Print


It should be obvious to all by now that we love Hawaii, in particular Maui and now, even more so, Kauai. (Thank you, David and Milly, for insisting that we go back.)

Kauai 2004 Print


We enjoyed Kauai so much last year that we couldn't wait a year to go back. If you have looked at my photos from our trip to Kauai last year, you may recognize Stonehouse in this photo. This year, we went in April and we rented another home owned by the same family called Hale O'he that is right on Baby Beach. Like, you walk off the deck across a lawn about 15' and then you are on the beach.

Lanai & Kauai 2003 Print

In August 2003, we went back to Hawaii for the first time since Jennifer's wedding, to celebrate her graduation. We went to different islands this time--Lana'i (none of us had ever been there) and Kauai (it had been 15 years since we'd been there).

Photography Equipment Print

Obviously, I'm not a professional photographer. I'm just a serious amateur. I take my lessons and buy all my equipment from Mark Comon at Paul's Photo in Torrance, CA. You won't find a better teacher or a better camera shop.

The Lucky Shot Print

We often hear a photograph described as a “lucky shot”, whether speaking of our own work in a self-deprecating manner, or hearing someone speak disparagingly of another’s work.

Photography is an Awakening Print

I have gone places and seen things that, were it not for my interest in photography, I would not have experienced otherwise. 

"When I Have a Camera in My Hand..." Print

"When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear." -- Alfred Eisenstaedt

An Open Letter to Donald Trump Print

The Palos Verdes Peninsula News printed this on July 26, 2007 but edited out the last few paragraphs.


New Zealand Dog Food Ads Print

Genuine dog food ads from a New Zealand company (Butch) that really knows how to get one's attention. Really funny stuff. And I know they're real because I e-mailed Butch and they answered me. 


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