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More Funny Signs Print

These were too good to pass up, and there are too many to simply add to the first Funny Signs page.


Maui Potato Chips Factory Print

This is an old (1987) article from the New York Times that my friend David Katzman sent to me.  The prices and ordering information are out of date, but it will give you interesting history on the company and why the chips are soooooo good.

Thoughts on RSVP Print

Why is it that so many people don’t bother to RSVP now? Is it because they don’t know what it means? Or are they just rude?

the mother tongue Print

The Wall Street Journal, in its Weekend Edition, frequently has a "Five Best" feature that lists the person of the day's favorite five books on a particular subject.  Since I enjoy books on English--and its proper use, something about which too many people know nothing--Bill Bryson's book, "the mother tongue" sounded intriguing.

Dog Diary / Cat Diary Print

We've had several dogs and we've had innumerable cats.  We now have just one cat, MacGyver, who was originally adopted by Jennifer and Duane in Bronxville and moved out here with them.  MacGyver does better with adults than small children so he now has a comfortable life with us.  These diaries express quite well how many dogs and cats behave, although I hasten to add that MacGyver is nothing like this.  He's a really great, very unusual cat.


Vietnam and the Army Print

No, I don't have any profound thoughts about Vietnam.  I don't weep and wail about it.  I don't castigate our government or anyone else about it, except perhaps to say that Congress, as usual, made a hash of it and should have let the military do its job.  Suffice it to say that I went there, volunteered to stay (twice!) and was fortunate to come back safe and sound.

I will also say that the Army was really good for me.  I went in when I was 19 years old and, like virtually every other teenage male in America, I was an opinionated, ill-informed, ungrateful, immature jerk.  A good dose of discipline and structured education from the Army was really good for me and I still think that military service of some kind should be mandatory.

The Africans Print

While browsing around for information on Africa, I was looking at a trip on the Abercrombie & Kent web site and noticed that they have a "Recommended Reading" section on each of their trip pages.  This book was listed and it sounded so interesting that I decided I should read it.

Kauai 2008, trip #1 in Hanalei Print

This year was a major birthday for Sue and she doesn’t like birthdays very well—in fact, she doesn’t like them at all. For my significant birthday, we had gone to Mélisse with Jennifer and Duane for an incredible dinner that surpassed, in cost, even the amazing dinner we enjoyed at Le Bernardin a few years ago. I suggested to Sue that we could do that for her birthday, but she isn’t as into food as I am.

One day she said that she wanted to go to Kauai for a week for her birthday. I pointed out that we already had firm plans to go to Kauai for two weeks in the summer with Jennifer and Duane, and Christopher and Brooklyn. She said right, and she wanted to go to Kauai for a week for her birthday.

So, we went to Kauai for a week for her birthday.

Vermont at Tarky's Lodge in 2002 Print

Jennifer found Tarky's on the internet somehow and in several IM and email conversations, said that we needed to vacation in Vermont and that Tarky's looked like the place to do it.

Sue and I knew nothing about  Vermont, except that we have some good industry friends who hailed from Vermont.  But, what the heck--you don't know 'til you try something, so I called Missy Wisnowski and reserved the West Cabin at Tarky's.

When NOT to hyphenate your name Print

Sage advice for anyone getting married--courtesy of 


Theoretical Laws Print


You've had them happen to you at one time or another...

Cuz's Surprise 60th Birthday Party Print


Sue and I drove up to Grass Valley so we could join in the fun celebrating the 60th birthday party for my cousin Steve (who is more like a brother).  The event was orchestrated very well by his wife Betty and his older son Sean, with loads of help from younger son Jonathan. 

Berating United Airlines about Scotch whisky Print


In 2006, United stopped serving Johnnie Walker Black Label on its flights, replacing it with Chivas Regal and Dewar's White Label.  This was a bonehead decision and I decided that someone needed to tell them so.  I sent the following letter in protest.

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