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Death Valley with Paul's Photo, January 2017 Print

As I have done several times before, I participated in the Creative Photo Academy Death Valley Photo Adventure this year. Death Valley is filled with wonders of nature that are wonderful photographic venues. After a most enjoyable series of photo shoots, wining and dining with friends and new acquaintances, and excellent camaraderie, I returned home with some nice images.

Capital Icons Print

Each year in Advanced Photography at Paul's Photo and the Creative Photo Academy, we work up a portfolio of images to present to a panel of judges and an audience of about 100 people. We spend most of the year assembling and presenting work in class, for critique by our instructor Mark Comon and our fellow students/photographers.

in 2014 I decided to present photos from Washington, DC because I have traveled there frequently and I think it's a great city. During my presentation, it was gratifying to have one of the judges declare that he had just returned from a photo shoot in Washington, DC and he was distressed to say that my photos were better than his. Good for my ego.

Anyway, the presentation was well received. I entered a few photos from this presentation in the Orange County Fair photography contest in 2016 and was pleasantly surprised that "Moment With Mr. Lincon" (which is a self-portrait) won a 1st Prize blue ribbon, a Division Winner ribbon, and a Judge's Choice ribbon.

You can see all the photos in a slide show by clicking this thumbnail once. They're all for sale, so send me an email via the Contact link on my home page if you would like to purchase a print.


John Peterson Photo Show at Mattucci Real Estate in San Pedro Print

In April and May 2013 I had the opportunity to display some of my work in Mattucci Real Estate on 6th Street in San Pedro, in the gallery area.  The firm's office lends itself well to display of large images on the ground floor because the ceiling is close to 20' high.  I had large format canvas prints made for the ground floor of some of my images of Washington, DC, and in the upper gallery put up 12" x 18" color prints in 20" x 24" frames.

Death Valley with Paul's Photo, January 2013 Print

Sue and I went on the Paul's Photo Death Valley photo adventure in 2006 and I have been thinking about doing so again for a while.  Then, Duane told me that he was going as part of his training to be one of the trip leaders for Paul's Photo.  Since it's always fun to take trips like this with Duane, I signed up.  The weather was interesting this time because it rained while we were there (Death Valley gets less than 2" of rain per year).

Telling VOICES to go blow it Print

An essay from Jinx


In a month or so, Howard and I will be leaving the Bay Club and moving to Northern Nevada. Since this
may be my last "oral essay" to this group, I have written what I believe needs to be said.
First: I must chastise this Board for their lack of courage to stand up to a group whose main goal is to
take over and run the Bay Club. (And Vaughn, they do have meetings.) Yes, "Voices" I am saying this to
you. You have created such an aura of distrust with your back stabbing, and statements that border on
slander. To Corinne, Mary, Kay, Susan, Ann, Melissa, Lauren, Teri and others, I ask "Are your hands Lily
white?" I can personally say you may run a background check on my husband and me if you desire. Can
all of you claim that, or is there something you'd rather not have known. Some do I know.
Second: You made fun of the Social Committee and said it was a good thing they dissolved. How very
unkind. Some of you turn up your noses at certain members of the Bay Club. How very little class you
We shall miss some of our very good friends at the Bay Club but we will not miss the stress and the
heartache you have caused.
You will probably get a Board of Directors you want after the next election because your poison will
have taken effect. Remember: As you sow—so shall you reap.
Your meetings border on the illegal since you have not notified all residents. Check the Blue Book on
Condo Law, Page 33.
The Senator and Jennifer go to Washington Print

As usual, I registered for the annual NCBFAA Government Affairs Conference, which is an exciting several days of political activity on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. I always work photography into it somehow, as well.

This year the trip became problematic because I had hernia surgery in late July and was still under doctor's orders not to lift anything over 10-12 pounds. A lightly packed camera bag was a bit more than that but doable; my suitcase and computer bag, however, were not.

Enter Jennifer, who volunteered to do my heavy lifting. We used to travel together frequently before she and Duane got married, so this seemed like a great way to have some fun together. Plus, since Kelsey had just moved back to DC, it gave us a chance to have dinner with her on Saturday, and spend much of Sunday with her, too.

So, we did it.

Newport Coast Villas vacation, June 2012 Print

Having enjoyed two weeks at our timeshare last year so much, we decided to do the same thing this year. This was an excellent idea, because (1) it was, again, incredibly relaxing, (2) we enjoyed visits from friends and family, and (3) getting there isn't arduous. Also, did I mention that it was relaxing?


Pleiku Pals Gathering in O'Fallon, IL in May, 2012 Print

Some years back I joined a group of folks who had served in Pleiku, Vietnam.  We come from all branches of the military, some of them from Australia.  All who served in Pleiku are welcome.  We don't care what sort of service was involved--infantry, signal corps, flight ops, artillery, whatever--we just take comfort in knowing that we were there and we did something while we were there. 

The Pals have a gathering just about every year somewhere.  I had never been to one until 2012 and I decided it was time to meet the folks who would show up at the next one.  I had gotten to know some pretty well through email and/or Facebook and I made an adventure out of it.


New York for our 40th (actually 41st) anniversary Print

Originally, we planned to visit New York in 2011, for what would have been our 40th anniversary.  I made elaborate arrangements at a few restaurants for special dinners, and booked a room at a unique Renaissance hotel in midtown Manhattan that would have made for a special experience.  And, I booked confirmed business class seats on United for the trip.

Then, we had to postpone the trip not once, but twice, and that moved the trip into 2012.  Oh, well.  The third time was a charm, and we went to New York in May 2012 and it was wonderful to be back.  Having spent innumerable times there, staying with Jennifer and Duane in Bronxville, staying in the Yale Club in Manhattan, etc., this was a new experience for us--familiar haunts, but staying in a new hotel.


2nd Annual John Bohner Star Trails Photo Adventure Print

John Bohner was a wonderful friend. Duane and I spent many hours with him in Joshua Tree figuring out how to properly shoot star trails and static star photographs. This friendship grew into a project for John, wherein he designed a customer intervalometer for us to use so that the gaps in our trails would be unnoticeable. And he wasn't a trails guy--he was a static star shot guy--but had decided he should learn trails while trying to convince us to shoot static star shots. Such is the stuff friends are made of.

San Diego, January 2012 Print

Art and Ellen Litman are dear, dear friends of ours and we've traveled with them to many places--and if you don't believe it, just browse around this site.

Anyway, the four of us spent a lovely weekend at the U. S. Grant Hotel in San Diego recently and this post has some information on things to do and see thereabouts.

Christmas 2011 Print

Christmas is such huge fun for us that regardless of how crappy the year may have been, it's a wonderful time of year.  Sue and I had Thanksgiving dinner at our place and decided that it would be cool to have Christmas dinner at our place, too--fancy china, Christmas china, sterling, crystal, etc., etc.  All that hoopla, together with putting together great meals, and watching Christopher and Brooklyn have such fun, made the holidays this year special for us--again.

Joshua Tree 2011 Print

Following on the success of last year's father/son camping trip, Duane reserved a larger group camp site this year and the group included some ladies--Jennifer, Nicole Ammons (Scott's wife--they're next door neighbors to Jennifer & Duane), and Brooklyn--as well as their dogs, Finn and Gabby.  I joined them again so there would be a token old goat and a photographer. 

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