Disneyland at Christmas 2009 Print

The whole family went to Disneyland to enjoy the festive holiday atmosphere.  Another good chance for me to watch the World's Coolest Grandson and the World's Most Adorable Grandduaghter having fun, and fool around photographically--not only taking photographs of them, but practicing motion shots, low-light scenes, panoramas and infra-red.

We all drove out in Jennifer's van (what a great invention) and went right to California Adventure so Christopher and Brooklyn could go on some of their favorite rides there.  As Jennifer says, they're pretty lame, but we do what the little ones want to do.  We had lunch there and then proceeded to the main park.  I stopped to try a panorama, which you can see by clicking on the thumbnail below.  It will open up a 10" wide version of the file that's really 30" wide, a composite of five photos I took, hand held, that Photoshop stitched together.

Then, we leaped into the breech.  It was really crowded that day, despite being in the middle of the week, so getting on our favorite rides was problematic.  We did stand in line for some time to go on Peter Pan, which is one of Christopher's favorites, and I played around with motion shots of other people leaving for their flight.


From there, we moved on to King Arthur's Carousel, another favorite of Christopher and Brooklyn, and while waiting for the next round I fooled around with motion shots.  I have no idea who this girl is, but I like the photograph.


Of course, I took numerous photographs of Christopher and Brooklyn while they were on the carousel.


Back out on Main Street, we stopped at the Christmas tree for a while--which this year had no guy wires keeping it in shape--and I asked everyone to stand still and smile for a moment.


Disneyland is also great infra-red territory when there is bright sunshine, and fortunately for me, there was most of the time this day.  I had my IR-modified D200 with me and recorded some interesting stuff.


It's great fun fooling around with the high ISO settings on the D3.  Using ISO 6400 it's possible to get some pleasing photos inside the rides, such as the Haunted House and Small World.


I made another panorama outside Small World, which wasn't easy because of the enormous crowd and the parade.  Click the thumbnail below to open another 10" pano (resized down from 30"), which is also five frames stitched together in Photoshop.

Main Street was alive with people even at 9:00 that night.  It was great fun seeing the holiday decorations and watching Christopher and Brooklyn have fun.  Always great to visit the Happiest Place On Earth.


Oh, and the whole album of photos is available here