Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !! Print
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,
and all other glad tidings of the Season
1948 christmas card at 450.jpg
1948 Christmas card from the house on Via Largavista
(Yes, that's me)
450_snow in pve 1949.jpg
 Snow next door to our house on Via Largavista on January 12, 1949
Snow in Palos Verdes?  Yes, indeed.
mask christmas card.jpg
  Christmas card photo we used in the early '90s
duane & jennifer with christmas tree at 450.jpg
Christmas in Manhattan 1999 (yes, we were there, too)
stocking.gif    So, it wouldn't be Christmas without a blast from the past or two.  The fact that this page is up means that our tree is up and the inside of our place is (largely) decorated for Christmas.  We'll be gearing up to bake some Cranberry Orange Nut Bread and order our Enstrom's Toffee while we put together our custom See's Candy order for our December pleasure. 
We love the Christmas season and especially enjoy watching Christopher and Brooklyn enjoy it.  Living vicariously through their youthful enjoyment, I suppose.  Whatever.  It's great fun and we're look forward to another lovely Christmas with our family.
If you haven't seen any of our Christmas celebrations before, you can check the start page out here.
Also, given the joy of the season, please be sure to check out the memo on the office holiday party here.
This year's family photo (click thumbnail to open)
This year's C. H. Powell Company L.A. branch photo (click thumbnail to open)
Our tree this year
airplanesanta at 450.jpg
Uh oh...
Redneck hunter Christmas lights...
Everybody has to go some time...
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