Funny Signs III Print

Sometimes I feel compelled to share more signs with you folks...


Supermarket products from around the world

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Well, it's still got to taste better than Red Bull.

Just go 50/50 with Jim Beam no one will be the wiser !!!!!!!

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I like pork. Not that there's anything wrong with it!

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Be gone, I say!.

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Comes in a protective packaging.

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Insect repellent? Are you sure thats what its for?

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 Lara Bingle   ? 


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Good Luck! Bet it don't taste the same in a can.


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Soooo refreshing!

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So thats where SARS came from! Thanks a lot Golden Circle jerks!

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Only one thing better than regular Shito, new, improved Shito.

<!--[if !vml]-->image011.jpg<!--[endif]-->
Mmm mm.... shitto in a can.

<!--[if !vml]-->image012.jpg<!--[endif]-->
Hope thats not the the scent!!!!


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  It'll just melt in your mouth!

<!--[if !vml]-->image014.jpg<!--[endif]-->
Mines Happy anyway!


<!--[if !vml]-->image015.jpg<!--[endif]-->
So much better than old, stale cok!

<!--[if !vml]-->image016.jpg<!--[endif]-->
Personally, not a big fan of the taste of asse.

<!--[if !vml]-->image017.jpg<!--[endif]-->
Do you like the taste of cock?

<!--[if !vml]-->image018.jpg<!--[endif]-->
You can't stop at just one MEGA PUSSI!

<!--[if !vml]-->image019.jpg<!--[endif]-->
Hard to refuse!

<!--[if !vml]-->image020.jpg<!--[endif]-->
I hope Marie knows about this.

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And they said it couldnt be bottled.

Colour is a worry though!