Trump Concours d'Elegance 2012 Print

I enjoy shooting cars and the Trump Concours d'Elegance is a great venue so I went again in September.  Lots of cool cars, including a large Chevrolet area.  The focus was on French coachwork so there were a number of interesting Art Deco type cars there.  Makes for a great photographic day during which I focus on macro as well as conventional photography.

Adamson House in Malibu, January 2012 Print

On New Year's Day, 2012, Sue and I went to the Adamson House in Malibu with Chris and Kelsey.  It's a beautiful home, well worth a visit any time (we had all been there before) but this day was a special tour by the docents.  They won't let you take photos inside (major bummer) but it's a great place to visit anyway, and the outdoor photography is cool.

Sara Probst and Adam Gross Wedding Print

Sara Probst, youngest daughter of our good friends Scott and Gayle Probst, marries Adam Gross, in a beautiful ceremony at Terranea Resort.

Photo Favorites from 2003 & 2004 Print

While working on another photo book, I enjoyed reliving these moments and thought someone else might enjoy seeing them, too.  All taken at least seven or eight years ago but re-processed using current knowledge of digital darkroom tools.

Butterflies 2011 Print

On April 9, 2011, we again visited the Pavilion of Wings butterfly enclosure at the Natural HIstory Museum in downtown L.A. on Member's Preview Day.  It's always a hit with Christopher and Brooklyn and I always take photos to see what I can get.  We visited the Insect Zoo in the museum--huge fun for CJ and Bee--and had lunch at La Golondrina on Olvera Street again. 


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