Joshua Tree 2016 Print

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After taking two years off while Jennifer was in nursing school, Jennifer and Duane resumed their annual rock climbing trip to Joshua Tree in 2015. Unfortunately, I couldn't go with them that year because I was in Washington, DC. This year (2016) I went along again, not to go rock climbing but to act as the (un)official photographer.

This trip is mostly about getting the children outdoors, having them camp out and have fun together, and helping them experience (and succeed at ) rock climbing. Scott Ammons was once again super helpful in providing gear for the trip and expert instruction. Scott and Duane managed the morning climbs on Saturday for the children and adults, and then Kevin Mitchell and Duane organized a rather complicated climb in the afternoon.

I took my infra-red camera but there were clouds much of the day so I didn't use it much. In fact, I only took one infra-red photo all weekend.

I also didn't use my iPhone as much as I usually do, protecting battery life.

I captured a bunch of photos of as many people as I could making their climbs, and bothered others for portraits. There are over 100 photos in the slide show here; click the thumbnail below just once to open it and take a look. There are "Next" and "Previous" buttons at the upper corners to help you navigate through the photos.



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