Aquarium of the Pacific Photographers Night Print


We have a Grandparents membership at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. It's a great aquarium and Christopher and Brooklyn love it there. Once a year, the aquarium hosts a photographers night at which the public is uninvited and photographers have the run of the aquarium. We can use flash, tripods, etc. I took Jennifer and Duane and we had a great time shooting the stuff we love with far fewer people to interfere with things.


Photo of the whale that hangs in the ground floor area taken with my iPhone, blurred around the edges with Big Lens, processed in Snapseed.

I had read up on aquarium shooting and the advice was all over the map.  Some suggested using wide angle lenses, some macro;  some suggested using flash, some available light.  After listening to the briefing (at which I learned that shooting in shutter priority was the way to go--something I almost never do) I ended up shooting exclusively in shutter priority with my 105mm macro using available light.  Click the thumbnail to see some pretty cool photos (if I dare say so myself).


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