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Once again, I accompanied Jennifer, Duane, Christopher and Brooklyn (and Gabby and Finn) on another family rock climbing adventure with a bunch of their friends. Once again, it was great fun. Once again, I did not climb. Once again, I was the official photographer. And, once again, I had a great time. I think everyone else did, too.

Photographer's note: The photos embedded in this narrative were all taken with my iPhone. The real photos are encapsulated in the thumbnail at the end of this story, so click that thumbnail ONCE and it will open a slide show for your viewing pleasure.

As I was saying...

This year, our cousin Jackie joined us and she brought her dog Zoey with her. Zoey is about 1/10 Finn's size and the personality differences in the dogs was comical at times.

Anyway, Duane went out a day early with Christopher and Finn to join Jackie, so Jennifer, Brooklyn, Gabby and I drove out on Friday. Poor Brooklyn was in the midst of a really ugly cold but she was a trooper--helped as we left by stopping at Douche's (oh--sorry--Doug's) Donuts so she could have a glazed twist as we began our journey.

We enjoyed a nice drive out past Riverside and stopped at the In 'N Out in Moreno Valley for an early lunch. We hit the road again quickly and, on the spur of the moment, decided to stop at Hadley's for a date shake--we hadn't had one in years. I can tell you that they're still fabulous; they're made with nothing but vanilla ice cream and dates. No milk, no thinners, etc.

We arrived at the group camp site in time to see Christopher and Duane about 2/3 the way up the east wall climb.


We unpacked, setting our gear into the tent Duane had already set up, and got reacquainted with the area. Jackie and Zoey were largely in tune by that time.


Chris and his girls arrived later and we set about making dinner and watching the kids have fun. And they did have fun--all weekend.

On Saturday, Andy and Jonna arrived with Charlie and their dogs, and then Nicole and Henry came in, and finally Toni arrived. Great bunch of people!

After a bunch of climbs, and a bunch of fun, we made another great dinner while having more fun, and in the midst of everything I noticed that Finn had somehow managed to squeeze himself into Zoey's bed. Mind you, Finn is at least ten times Zoey's size.


Afterwards, we watched the kids make S'Mores again.


Anyway, as should be clear by now, we had a lot of fun, the kids (and many of the adults) got a lot of climbing exercise, and in general a good time was had by all.

A few of our friends couldn't make it this year, and that's too bad (for them, hahaha) and for those who were ill and/or injure, we really missed them. Next year!

The real photos are in the thumbnail below--click it to see what went on!


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