Aquarium of the Pacific with CJ & Bee, August 2012 Print

Papa and Tutu had Christopher and Brooklyn over for a sleep-in while Mommy and Daddy went up to Malibu for a long weekend. It was hot enough to melt your brains so I made a classic American hot weather meal--I grilled hot dogs on the BBQ and we had really good potato chips to go with the dogs. And, we had celery sticks and carrots.

The next day, Tutu took Brooklyn to her ballet class while CJ and I got to go for a walk around our place and then walked the cliff trail down to the shore so we could see the ocean, throw rocks and generally have a good time.


Brooklyn is finally convincing MacGyver that she isn't toxic and "Mac Mac" is allowing her to pet him now and then. It was a special moment for her.


CJ and I walked down to the cliff trail, stopping to show him (via sight

and smell) what rosemary was, and to check out spider webs with dew drops.


On the way to the trail gate, I stopped for a quick iPhone shot looking east.



We walked down to the ocean and, while it was high tide and not great for viewing tidepools, it was great rock-throwing territory and CJ found some cool rocks to bring back up.  It was beautiful down there at the shore.


Once Tutu and Brooklyn came home, we caught a quick lunch at the local Subway and moved on to the Aquarium of the Pacific.  It was really busy (being Saturday) but it was another great visit;  CJ and Bee love it there, and so do we.  Plenty of cool things to see and the Aquarium is very nicely designed. 

We all met at the Yardhouse in Long Beach--we all love it there--for dinner, which made for a lovely end to a lovely weekend.

And if you want to see it for yourself, just click the thumbnail below once.


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