Indian Wells, New Year 2011 Print

We broke tradition this year by taking a four day, three night family vacation over the New Year holiday in Palm Springs.  We stayed in connecting rooms at the Renaissance Esmaralda Resort & Spa in Indian Wells--hugely popular with Christopher and Brooklyn because they love staying in HOtels, as they call them--and enjoyed a lovely, relaxing four days of family fun.


It was chilly out there--in the 30s at night--and it was bizarre to relax on the pool deck in fleece jackets while watching Christopher and Brooklyn cavorting in the pool.  They loved the pool and were in it every morning.  


 The first day, Sue and Jennifer spent the morning at the Spa, enjoying various massages and treatments, while Duane and I took CJ and Bee to the pool.  I took photographs of CJ and Bee and some infra-red of whatever struck my fancy and watched CJ and Bee having loads of fun in the pool.  They're great swimmers and love being in the water.  During my reverie a Bloody Maria suddently appeared--Duane, being the good son-in-law that he is, had gone to the bar and ordered up two custom-blended Bloody Marias for us to enjoy while we watched CJ and Bee.  Ah, such bliss.


The Esmaralda is a great place to stay for anyone and it worked particularly well for us as a family;  CJ and Bee loved the place.  Oh, and it was fun taking photos here and there, too.  


 We ate almost all of our meals in the hotel;  the food was very good and it worked well for the family.  We even had room service for our New Year's Eve dinner--we all enjoyed everything, and Duane and I particularly enjoyed a bottle of Justin Isosceles 2000 with our filets.  Throughout the evening Duane worked on my new web site, while I worked on updating content for it and also read a book, while Jennifer and Sue watched "Eat, Pray, Love".  Great way to spend New Year's Eve if you ask us.


On New Year's Day we went to the Palm Springs Air Museum, home to numerous WWII vintage aircraft, all of which are still flyable.  I was particularly interested in the North American Aviation B-25 Mitchell and P-51 Mustang, because my dad had worked on them.  In fact, one of his patents has to do with the 75mm cannon that was installed in one variant of the aircraft.  CJ and Bee loved the museum--we all did--and we spent the entire afternoon there.  


 We had dinner that night at the Daily Grill in Palm Desert.  Always good, Daily Grills are a favorite destination for us because CJ and Bee like the food and so do we.


On the day we came home, we went to the Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Garden.  We hadn't been there in years and it was popular with CJ and Bee because of the animals.  


 After a brief stop an the In-N-Out in Palm Desert, we made our way home, interrupted by a huge slowdown because of the snow that was falling on I-10 from Cabazon to the Hwy 60.  There were actually some morons who stopped their cars in the lanes on I-10 to look at the snow.  Sheesh.

Anyway, it was a great trip, it was great family fun and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.