Cambria Family Vacation 2010 Print

We rented another house in Cambria for a week, this time right on the water, and enjoyed another lovely week in a lovely little town.

If you follow this site, you know that we love Cambria and you know why.  If not, you might want to check out my post on last year's Cambria vacation for some history and another good story.

The house this year was right on the water, so location, location, location and all that--and it was really cool.  We also were interested in the house because we thought it had WiFi, which is kind of important in Cambria because cell signals are intermittent and/or non-existent.  Turns out it didn't, so Duane had to drive into San Luis Obispo the next day and buy a WiFi router.  He set it up, we had WiFi and we left it there, so now, the house does, in fact, have WiFi.

Anyway, to take the edge off not having WiFi immediately upon arrival, we arranged for liquid refreshment.


The view from the deck was great, as you can see, and the house itself was a great place to stay.


We took walks around the neighborhood and enjoyed the morning fog that's so typical of the area.


We didn't bother going up to Sand Dollar Beach this year, figuring it would be easier (it was) and just as nice (not really, because it was chilly) to stay local.  But it was beach time and Christopher and Brooklyn are happy whenever they're in water, especially if that water is at a beach. We went to Frog Beach (so named by us because of the vocal frog(s) there), which was especially popular with Christopher, Brooklyn, Gabby and Fin.


I hasten to add that the beach was popular with Fin only when on the beach.  He doesn't like the water.  Gabby, on the other hand, loves being in the water.


We had lunch at Main Street Grill twice and yes, I had a Pig Sandwich both times.  We had lunch at Robin's Restaurant and enjoyed it so much that we went back for dinner the following night.  It was another great food and family experience. We stopped in at Red Moose Cookie Company on our way out of town one day and we're glad we did--they make cookies the old fashioned way, with real butter and sugar, and they're delicious.  We had lunch at Linn's one day and, of course, had Linn's chicken pot pies for dinner one night.  (And we brought a bunch of them home, too.)

We went for a walk in the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve and enjoyed another great morning doing so.  It's very pretty there and it's great fun watching Christopher and Brooklyn have fun on hikes.  We found our favorite Watcher in the Woods tree again, too.


We all agreed, though, that the high point of the trip was Christopher learning how to ride his bike with no training wheels.  This, of course, is huge.  For any kid.  And his parents.  And his grandparents.


We celebrated when we had dinner at Robin's by having our server put a candle in his dessert.

It was a terrific, lazy, wonderful family vacation.  We'll have to go back again.  Click the thumbnails below to see my photos.