Disneyland, January 2010 Print

Once again, Jennifer and I take a day to visit the Happiest Place On Earth with Christopher and Brooklyn.

Yes, we're Disneyland freaks and what's wrong with that?  It's such fun--and comforting--to be there, and both Christopher and Brooklyn love it, so it's automatically a great day.

It had been raining a lot in L.A. when we went this day, and it rained in the morning as we were leaving.  But, the forecast was accurate (yes!) in that it stopped at 9:00 so we had no problems at all, other than the fact that it was chilly (by L. A. standards).  Great weather for going to Disneyland--nice and crisp and not very many other people there.

Our fist stop this time was Sleeping Beauty's Castle--a current favorite of both Christopher and Brooklyn.  I stopped everyone briefly for a quick photo:

500 bb and b&b at sleeping beauty castle.jpg


From there we went directly to Peter Pan, another favorite, and I practiced motion shots on the ships as they were leaving:



Among other places, we also went to the King Arthur Carousel; always a favorite, and I managed to get a nice shot of Brooklyn and a decent one of Christopher without breaking any of my bones.



We enjoyed a great lunch at the Carnation Cafe on Main Street, went on more rides, visited the fire engine in the fire house on Main Street again (we always go there) and were home in time for dinner.  Great fun!

There are a few more photos available for viewing if you click the thumbnail below.