City Lights September 2012 Print

On September 6, 2012, Mark Comon of Paul's Photo organized yet another City Lights photo shoot and, as usual, I went along, because I love shooting city lights.  I rode on the bus again--much, much easier than driving up--and we all had dinner at Philippe The Original, home of the French dip sandwich.  After dinner, the bus took us over to the 3rd Street bridge over the L. A. River in East L.A.;  it's an art deco bridge overlooking Union Station rail yards, the L. A. River and some gritty, industrial scenery.  It made for some interesting photos and I enjoyed helping some other folks with their shooting.


After an hour or so there, the bus took us over to the 5th Street bridge over the Harbor Freeway, a favorite venue of mine.  We shot there for a while, and then I moved down to the 3rd Street bridge over the freeway. 

Afterward, the bus took us to The Original Pantry for dessert (or dinner, or whatever) where we all swapped lies about photography and all manner of other things while stuffing our faces.  We arrived back at Paul's Photo at about midnight, tired but exhilarated after another night of photographic fun.  Click the thumbnail below to see my photos.


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