City Lights September 2012 Print

On September 6, 2012, Mark Comon of Paul's Photo organized yet another City Lights photo shoot and, as usual, I went along, because I love shooting city lights.  I rode on the bus again--much, much easier than driving up--and we all had dinner at Philippe The Original, home of the French dip sandwich.  After dinner, the bus took us over to the 3rd Street bridge over the L. A. River in East L.A.;  it's an art deco bridge overlooking Union Station rail yards, the L. A. River and some gritty, industrial scenery.  It made for some interesting photos and I enjoyed helping some other folks with their shooting.

City Lights January 2012 Print

On January 24, 2012, Mark Comon of Paul's Photo led us on yet another great city lights photo shoot in downtown Los Angeles.  We had dinner at Philippe The Original (home of the French dip sandwich), shot at Union Station, Olvera Street and Chinatown (although Kelsey and I stayed at Union Station) and then had dessert at the Original Pantry.  Another great night of photography.

City Lights Photo Shoot, August, 2011 Print

Another great City Lights photo shoot with Mark Comon of Paul's Photo.  This time, Kelsey Van Hook and Duane's friend Kendal Leggett joined us for the fun.  We went back to the Griffith Observatory (via bus again--great idea, Mark) for a few hours and then went to Hollywood for some street shooting.  From there we walked back to Mels Diner for dessert and talk before boarding the bus to come back home.  A late night but a great night of shooting and fun.

Space Cowboys Print

As you can read elsewhere on this site, Duane and I started fooling around with star trails photography in September 2010 while in Joshua Tree with Christopher and a bunch of other boys and their fathers.  We were largely unsuccessful but vowed to succeed.

Dave's Garage photo shoot with Paul's Photo Print

On March 10, 2011, our Paul's Photo Advanced Photography class went on a location "shoot out" at Dave's Garage.  The garage is in the Pelican Products complex and holds Dave's collection of cars, all of which are cool and awesome.  Here are some of my favorites from the evening.

City Lights Photo Shoot, January 2011 Print

A few photos from yet another City Lights photo shoot with Mark Comon and the Paul's Photo crowd, this time to Disney Concert Hall, the Music Center Plaza, and two bridges over the freeway in downtown L.A.

Weston 2009 Nude Photography Workshop Print

The full dialogue on this trip can be found in Articles;  this is simply the full album of my favorite photos from the workshop.


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